BHMS, PGNAHI, MD Homeopathy (Pursuing), MA Psychology (Pursuing)


Dr. Libin has diverse working experience having been trained under the guidance of some prominent names in Homeopathic Medicine. He is currently pursuing MD in medicine from BHMC Vadodara. As a part of his post-graduate studies, he is currently working on Functional gastrointestinal disorder (FGIDs) associated with ROME Foundation (Chicago). He graduated from AHMC. During the same period, he attended a certification program conducted by the National Academy of Homeopathy, Nagpur, and procured the title PGNAHI. Dr. Libin is currently associated with team Aadil. During his graduation program, he worked on the effects of homeopathic medicine in plant germination a subject matter that he still focuses on.
In addition, he is also associated with the School of artistic homeopath for youngsters and adults (SAHYA) based in Kerala. As a part of his work there, he conducted a short protocol for clinic case analysis of 500 patient's history (retrospective study) under the guidance of Dr. S.G.Biju, who continues to mentor him.


  • Drawing, singing, reading

  • Video & photo editing

  • Logo designing


  • English
  • Malayalam (Spoken)
  • Hindi
  • Gujarati (Spoken)